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The 5 Reasons Why You Have Failed To Learn How To Code

JULY 8, 2020  

Many people that have no experience with coding believe that the way to go is to learn multiple languages at the same time or that if think that if they pick the wrong one when they start that they might be making a big mistake. The truth is, for beginners, it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing you should be focusing on is learning the core concepts.

The Importance Of a Selective Learning Environment

JUNE 29, 2020 

In 2009 I watched a lecture by Bill Gates explaining how MOOCs would revolutionize the world of education. By having the best courses in the world freely available online one wouldn’t need to go to their local class and get a subpar education. Instead, you could, without taking your pajamas off, grab a cup of coffee, and start working on MIT problem sets on any topic you wanted. I was blown away by the quality and quantity of courses I could now take for free with the best of their craft.

3 Best Podcasts For Programmers

OCTOBER 13, 2020 

Which podcasts should you be listening to as a programmer? As I criteria I picked podcasters who frequently have as guests important figures in technology and who conduct fascinating conversations, avoiding the common cliches that are common in traditional media. By listening to them, you will not only understand more about tech but also expand your knowledge base and get acquainted with the movers and shakers of our era.

The Commoditization Of Information

OCTOBER 05, 2020 

Everything you want to learn is available right now on the Internet. That is unprecedented. A couple of decades ago, information was concentrated in a few key institutions or people, such as Universities, libraries, professors, or masters of a craft. In a certain way, the Internet has given rise to the true democratization of information, something that no other medium of information has provided in the past. The only thing standing between you and learning how to code or starting a business is your willpower and consistent effort.